• Learn German in the middle of Munich
    Intensive course 20 – A1.1 to C1
  • Learn German in the middle of Munich
    Language travel for students: 7 languages and 32 countries
  • Learn German in the middle of Munich
    Evening classes once or twice a week

Accommodation in Munich

In order for you to feel at home and meet real “Münchener”, we have organised a network of friendly host families for you. 

That way, you can practice your new language skills on a daily basis which will make your stay here even more unforgettable. All hostfamilies will live no further than 50 mins. With public transport away from the school in Munich’s city centre. Find more information in the tables below:

AccommodationBedding & Breakfast/Half-boardPrice
Host familySingle or Double/Breakfast or Half-boardPrice upon request
GuestappartmentsPrice upon request
HotelroomsPrice upon request


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