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Language Courses in Frankfurt

Learn Languages effectively in Frankfurt, regardless of whether you’re learning for private or professional reasons- at our language school in the heart of Frankfurt we’ve got the right language course for you. With native speaking teachers and a relaxed atmosphere we making learning a new language easy.

Frankfurt offers the ideal basis for learning a foreign language. Because Frankfurt is home to the European Central Bank, the German Bundesbank and many other important financial institutions it has become a very multicultural city. Thanks to its central location and ease of access with Frankfurt International Airport Frankfurt is one of the most important European metropolises.

Due to ever increasing internationalisation learning a foreign language is becoming increasingly important for both professional and private lives. For this reason we offer a multitude of different language course in our language school in Frankfurt, ensuring you can communicate effortlessly with people from all over the world.

Frankfurt is the perfect place to learn a foreign language because you can practice a language without having to go to its country of origin to do so, in Frankfurt’s international environment you can start using your new language from day one.

Language students flock to our language school from all over the world; Europe, Asia and South America, and ensure that our school always offers a multicultural environment. This way you can start putting your newly learned knowledge to good use right away!

Our Language School in Frankfurt

At our language school in Frankfurt you’ll find a huge selection of language courses:

Spanish courses in Frankfurt

Spanish is spoken in 24 countries and by 450 million people worldwide. Besides English, Spanish is the most important language in the world.

Spanish is becoming increasingly more relevant in international business, research and politics.

Since Spain and its islands are very popular travel destinations for Germans, learning Spanish can always be helpful and interesting to travelers.

At our Sprachcaffe Language School in Frankfurt, we offer a variety of Spanish courses.

Choose from the available language courses listed below:

French courses in Frankfurt

French is spoken by roughly 200 million people worldwide. It is well known that French is the official language of France, however, many are not aware that French is also the official language of 35 other countries. (e.g: France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Monaco, Canada, Morocco, Tunisia, Cameroon, Senegal, Central African Republic, Madagascar, Seychelles, Togo).

Aside from learning English, you can increase your chances in the international job market by learning French. This is mainly because French is widely-spoken in 47 countries worldwide; and because France is one of the largest trading partners of Germany. Additionally, French is the world’s most used language for gastronomy, fashion, theater, art, dance and architecture.

At our Sprachcaffe Language School in Frankfurt, we offer a variety of French courses for you to choose from.

Find the perfect French course by browsing the available language courses listed below:

Italian courses in Frankfurt

Especially since the establishment of the European Union and the opening of the world economy, the Italian language has become one of the world’s most predominant languages.

Italian is one of the most commonly learned languages in the world, just after English, French, Spanish and German. It is spoken as native language by approximately 70 million people. As an official language, Italian is spoken in Italy, the Vatican, Switzerland and in the small country of San Marino. Additionally, Italian is commonly spoken in Monaco, Malta and in Corsica.

Italy is a very popular travel destination, hence learning Italian will make communicating during your vacation much easier. Also, learning Italian has proven to be an advantage to those seeking advancement in their international professions.

Therefore, at our Sprachcaffe Language School in Frankfurt, we offer a variety of Italian courses for you to choose from.

Choose from the available language courses listed below:

Portuguese courses in Frankfurt

Portuguese is not only spoken in Portugal, but also in Brazil, various African countries, East Timor and in Macau (China).

If you would like to learn more about Portugal or any other country that speaks Portuguese as their official language, or if you want to learn more about Portuguese traditions and culture, then you should learn Portuguese.

Choose from the available language courses listed below:

Chinese courses in Frankfurt

Chinese is spoken by 1.2 billion people, making it the most spoken language in the world.

Chinese is spoken in the People's Republic of China, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Recently, China has experienced a unique economic boom and, in the foreseeable future, will be one of the strongest economies in the world. Because of these facts and prospects, it is very beneficial to learn Chinese.

Our Sprachcaffe Language School in Frankfurt offers several Chinese courses for you to choose from.

Choose from the available language courses listed below:

Other languages

You can also find other language courses according to our customer's requests:

  • Alban
  • Arabic
  • Bosnian
  • Danish
  • Finnish
  • Greek
  • Hebrew
  • Iranian
  • Japanese
  • Catalan
  • Korean
  • Kroat
  • Dutch
  • Norvegian
  • Polish
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Swedish
  • Serbokroat
  • Slovenian
  • Turkish
  • Czech
  • Ungarian